Mr. Adams - Vocals and Rhythm GuitarMr. Adams

A school teacher by trade, Mr. Adams was the original drummer for the band, but switched to guitar and vocals only a few months after the band formed and has remained there ever since. Always a crowd favorite, Mr. Adams carries a heavy load of lead vocal responsibilities and switches to piano from time to time.
PaulPaul - Vocals and Bass Guitar

The tallest member of Beetle, Paul stands in the middle, and sometimes people call him the lead singer, but in reality, everyone sings lead. He is a full time musician, spending most of his days working in his recording studio, Beebe Gunn Studio. He plays several instruments and switches to guitar when Tino subs in. Paul usually sings the "Paul" parts, but he also enjoys singing "John" songs.
Jim - Vocals and Lead GuitarJim

Jim's extensive knowledge of the Beatles catalog and many other songs was the backbone for the formation of the band. Dubbed, "the musical find of the 90's," Jim left his chemical company job to play music full time and one Tuesday, while playing in The Pop Kings with Paul and Mr. Adams (who was just sitting in on drums), Jim pulled out about a dozen Beatles songs, and from those humble beginnings, Beetle was born.
Steve - Vocals and DrumsSteve

The "new guy" in the band, Steve took over on drums in 2011 from Bruce, who had joined the band about six months after its formation, but Steve actually subbed for the first time in the band in the brief window when Joe was the drummer, before Bruce was even in it. He plays 60's and 70's drums for numerous bands, and, having been a vintage clothing dealer for many years, Steve always has the best vintage style.

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