Latest News: Beetle has announced that following the departure of Mr. Adams to NYC toward the end of June 2023, they will no longer be playing regularly. The final indoor show at The Continental will be June 15th, and June 22nd they will perform on the roof.

They will still be available for private events with Tino on bass guitar, and will perform occasional reunion shows.

Beetle is an award winning cover band in Houston, TX that exclusively plays the music of The Beatles. From "With The Beatles" to "Abbey Road," they recreate the entire spectrum of the Beatles catalog in the original keys and without the use of samples (unlike many Beatles tribute bands.) They play every Thursday and many other public and private events as well.

The Continental Club

Beetle has become well known for their high energy, three hour, no break shows every single Thursday from 7-10pm at The Continental Club in Houston, TX.

Located at 3700 Main St in midtown between downtown and the museum district, The Continental Club has been open since 2000 and Beetle began playing weekly in 2002, celebrating 20 years of weekly shows in March of 2022. The club has a great vintage feel that suits the band and the music, and is one of the premiere live music venues in Houston.

Come on down on a Thursday and catch on the last shows, or hire Beetle for your event!

Here's a fantastic video our friends Jason Yu and the Yu Live Crew made for the 20th Anniversary!

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